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Coleman Schools Return to Learn Plan 2021

Posted Date: 08/17/2021




Health Department and Medical Experts

Protocol for closing schools is in place should a positive case occur. Levels of severity should be addressed with clear action at each stage. Coleman Schools also has guidance and protocol in place for cleaning and disinfecting sites. The CDC and medical personnel should set protocol for identifying infections at the state level.

Masks will only be required if there is an active case of Covid on campus. Masks will be recommended for staff and students who are not vaccinated.  Fully vaccinated staffers and students will not be expected to wear a mask.

Instructional Information for Virtual Students

Distance learning protocol is provided by the state and has been distributed locally. Coleman Schools has adopted ACELLUS for our virtual curriculum, meeting state standards.  The distance learning services includes devices and connectivity, with protocol on lack of connectivity and response for each level. We may also need federal waivers to allow special education students that are at high risk to be able to be schooled at a separate site and not with like-peers. For example, our multi handicapped students may need to be moved away from the general population for their safety, and home schooling may not be an option for working parents. We want all students to feel safe, so we plan for how to provide flexible learning for students and families that do not feel safe returning to the building. This means some classes may be virtual and some may be traditional. Our staff will adjust accordingly and will be flexible, if the ratio of traditional to virtual changes.

Facilities have been modified to allow for more social distancing and smaller class sizes.  Lunch times will be spread out so that there are less students in the cafeteria at one time.


Coleman students who choose virtual learning will be required to keep a “C” average or higher to continue in the distance learning format.  It is our school’s hope that no student be left behind nor fall through the cracks. We will continue monitoring our students on their ICAP program, preparing them for life after high school.  Other accountabilities will come through beginning, middle, and end of the year local testing, as well as state assessments. We will also continue 100% participation in Project Pathways - a post-secondary career plan for every graduating senior.

Social Emotional

Teams at local and state level should set protocol for support for general response of trauma as a response from the pandemic in the instance there is trauma from losing a loved one to COVID 19.  Our on-staff counselor, Mrs. Eldridge, is available at all times. She will also have time for individual counseling as needed.


Coleman Schools have created a plan for food security maintenance for both students on site and those that choose distance learning. We have secured all waivers needed to provide meals to both student populations.  Safety protocols are also in place in the cafeteria area to stop the spread of viruses.

Activities and athletics

Reentry must be set at a state level and participation or cease of athletics and activities must be upheld by the state agencies. At this time, Coleman Schools is 100% open, both at the academic and extra-curricular levels.  We will continue to monitor the health of the community and adjust that if needed.

Hand washing and cleaning procedures have been posted in every site, as well as in food serving areas.

Other Important Safety Guidelines and Updates

  • New HVAC filtration systems have been installed in every classroom.
  • New flooring has been installed in each high school classroom.  Plans are underway to make those updates at the elementary as well.
  • The custodial staff will clean thoroughly each day, while staff will continue to spray classrooms at the end of each day, with anti-bacterial spray that will kill any viruses.
  • There are a couple of areas around campus where teachers are able to take students outside in an outdoor classroom setting.  Teachers will be encouraged to utilize these opportunities.
  • Testing for Covid will be done on an as-needed basis.  Students and staff will get testing done at a site of their choice.
  • Vaccinations will continue to be offered to staff and students who are not vaccinated.  Referrals will be made to the Johnston County Health Department.
  • Coleman Schools will continue to work closely with the JCHD, the OSDE, the Oklahoma Department of Health, and the CDC.  Information from each of these agencies will be used in the decision making process at all times, to insure the health and safety of our school.